Add the 4 Words Message to Idaho Lawmakers, Jan. 9 2017

Add the 4 Words Idaho in the Capitol Jan. 9 2017 Pastor Marcus SchlegelTO IDAHO LAWMAKERS, CAPITOL, STATE and BOISE CITY POLICE
from Add the Four Words Idaho
Monday January 9, 2017-- SEE PHOTOS

We will be present in the Capitol today to wish you well and to carry reminders of the pain which passing a bill to add the words could end.

We have no intent of blocking doorways or breaking any laws or rules of the statehouse. Instead we carry signs bearing stories of what has happened in Idaho around us and around all of you over the many years gay and transgender people have waited to be included in Idaho’s most basic and longstanding human rights and non-discrimination laws.
People each year are beaten. They are treated as less than human, murdered even and left to die, for no other reason than than they are gay or transgender. People are fired from jobs, let go in spite of dedication and hard work. Many of us are denied the opportunity to support our families and children or to make contributions to the state we wish we were more welcome in.

There have always been and always will be gay and transgender people in the state of Idaho. We have been loved by you as children, nieces, nephews, friends. You have the power to do what is hard and to change the law with the addition of four words to the existing act. There is no reason that law should work differently for us than it does in protecting every Idaho women, our state’s elderly and disabled, Japanese Americans, Jewish people or members of the LDS faith; protecting all who might be targeted for discrimination from unfair and biased treatment in employment, housing, education, the purchasing of products or the services which businesses provide.

It is unfathomable that Idaho would allow its citizens to live in an environment that seems to encourage harm by refusing to ban this selective and targeted cruelty in law.

We ask you to be brave this year and find a way, each of you, to help pass legislation to add the words and fully include us in Idaho’s Human Rights law.

Our presence here today will be silent and hopeful. We look forward to working with you and ask you to be brave. May you make great progress and finally set this issue to rest, as a state can, by saying, at last in statute, that acts of blatant discrimination are against the values of our state and against the laws we uphold for public safety and the well being of us all, as families and communities across Idaho.

Our Police Liaison is Judy Cross – primary contact (208) 407-1449. Evangel McVicker and Nicole LeFavour (208) 724-0468 are also available. Both can and will also receive text messages.